Get beer. Lost by one.

In youth sports world, the 16-1 blowout is not the worst case scenario. It’s the 21-20 loss in overtime, the bad call that results in a two-run homer, the move to the right that nets a goal. You get the picture. The above title was texted to me by Anita, or, as I call her, the Four Anitas (because she does the work of four moms), before she hopped her the van to cart sweaty 12-year-olds from their one-point loss to Round Table Pizza for the end-of-season-hopefully-championship-victory party. We were now planning on soaking our disappointment in both Red Hook and ten bucks worth of quarters for the Inappropriate Tattoo vending machine (this would be for our children). Second year in a row we lost by one! Do you like how I say “we?” As if I were out there getting hacked by a smack-talkin’ ‘bow throwing girl who has more expensive footwear than me?? The truly funny thing, or possibly sad, is that we keep coming back for more. Sports do matter, I guess. Not the victories, of course, but the way you lose…and lose again.


~ by alicetownsend on March 27, 2011.

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