Brace Yourself

Note to senior citizens wearing perfume: just say no.  And yes, I do live with the in-laws, so I know what the heck I’m talking about.

On a different subject…one of the goals of this blog is to chat about books, which I know has not been apparent through all my cathartic babbling.  To focus, now: I just finished The Tiger’s Wife, which has gotten a lot of press, all good as far as I can tell.  Mystical, creepy and informative (I know next to nothing about the Baltics), she also has the guts to introduce a significant character 3/4 of the way through the book.  The nerve!  Then I went on to the latest installment of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series, The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party, which was like the refreshing cup of (bush) tea, of course.  Frankly, I would just move in with Mma Ramotswe given the chance.   We could sit around, eat pumpkin and talk cattle and snakes, while she gently reminds me to shut up be happy about my daily life.  Also read The Three Weissmans of Westport, which is truthful and bittersweet underneath the cover of sharp, sharp humor, and should not be overlooked (which I originally did when I read the inside flap).  Finally, I am itching to read Bossypants, given to me by my offspring, but I am going to read If I Stay, a highly recommended teen book.  I love reading Young Adult and Teen fiction; the writing is often fearless and generous (by this I mean not egocentric).  Nick Hornby, who wrote a fabulous Teen book, Slam, wrote when he attended a conference for children/YA/teen writers and librarians (and this is not a direct quote), that it was like finding a back room where all the cool people were.


~ by alicetownsend on April 19, 2011.

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