This May Take a While

Three days and two showers later, my 15-year-old son still hadn’t washed his hair, nor, according to the evidence, his face.  “You didn’t wash your hair again,” I said to the figure hunched over the cereal bowl this morning.  “The water was too hot,” he replied.  While I don’t harbor engineering hopes for him, I was secretly hoping he would someday be able to live independently!    “Common sense to teenage boys is like a remote island,” my husband offered by way explanation.  “And it’s really, really hard to get there.”

Finished Bossypants, and while it’s clearly getting enough attention without me, I have to say: it deserves it.  Hysterically funny to the point where I had to cross my legs, it shines a light on absurdity in tv, politics, motherhood, and just trying to be a normal person in a crazy world.


~ by alicetownsend on April 28, 2011.

One Response to “This May Take a While”

  1. I left this comment in the wrong place….

    Thank you for mentioning your blog!! I really enjoyed reading it. Felt almost as great as sitting down and having a coffee together. You’re funny, insightful and just damn REAL. Which is of course why I like you so much. Hope to talk to you in person soon enough. In the meantime, keep me posted on new blog postings. XO Amy

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