Where have all the vowels gone?

Despite all my rants about teens, I do like them.  They are energetic, interesting and far more cognizant of real issues than I was throughout my entire teenage life.  Ok, maybe around 17 I was coming out of it.  For realz.  Haha.  That said, we are raising a generation of children who will never be able to recognize a vowel…because of the texting.  I, too, use “u” in place of “you” and “r” in place of “are,” but I am old now and I am allowed.

Just finished Ok For Now, by Gary Schmidt, recommended to me by my boss, the Librarian Extraordinaire.  It’s a YA book, a sort-of sequel to The Wednesday Wars, and ridiculously good.  the L. E. said there are many layers and, wow, there are.  All adults should read it.  All young adults should read it.  Brief synopsis: 13-year-old Doug has to move with his family to “stupid Marysville” where his abusive father can get work.  He hates it and encounters a lot of friction, but also a lot of people willing to see who he really is.  His brother is coming home from the Vietnam War, his other brother is a thug-in-progress, and he follows an interesting girl into the library one day and encounters…art, among other things.  Read it.  Schmidt makes it work seamlessly and in an authentic voice.  My one criticism is, in my experience, abusive guys rarely make a turnaround.  I hope I am wrong, but still.  I especially loved it because my daughter read it and she is strictly a science fiction/fantasy chick, intensely opposed to realistic fiction.  She will shout this opinion to the rafters (a word I have never encountered in a teen text, btw).   My favorite part of the book is the fact that we could talk about it together, slice it up, decide what will happen to the characters after the words stop.  It’s better than yakking about mascara (about which I am hopeless so I will be forced to outsource my child to a more in-tune friend).

Actually, they can both shout to the rafters really well.


~ by alicetownsend on June 9, 2011.

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