Flash Mobs and Bead People


“I can’t do the flash mob because I hurt my back lifting a watermelon.”  This was said rather casually to me by a good friend, whose son plays baseball with my son-and-heir.  She is the mom of 9, yes 9, 7 to whom she gave birth; this makes the sentence even more fabulous.  She has a pizza in the car for any boys when she drives to games, understands how to use StubHub, and makes a tangy cole slaw.  I wish I’d known her earlier in my parenting career; she could have taught me how to prioritize.  Far too much time was spent on worrying about…stuff I can’t even remember!  Hold on.  Yep.  Still can’t remember.

I am reading The Legend of Colton H. Bryant, recommended to me by my client’s wife, a brainy and kind woman (not to mention gorgeous), who often gives me jewelry and shares book lists.  Written by Alexandra Fuller, who wrote Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight and Scribbling the Cat, it’s a work of non-fiction about a young cowboy – an odd sort – in Wyoming who goes on to work on oil rigs.  I use the term “cowboy” loosely; Fuller herself gives the word plenty of layers.  I haven’t finished it yet, but, as with her other books, I am struck by how lively and assertive Fuller’s writing is.  With her books you get the feeling she’s “all in,” not the omniscient and wry observer, but someone who might be sharing the saddle (and there are plenty of saddles in her work).

Speaking of Wyoming, a big shout-out goes to my friend Eileen, a sparkling actress and good friend, who just finished a run of The Laramie Project.  Not sure how she made it through these past months reliving such a gut-wrenching and horrific crime, but the odyssey on which it takes its audience is worth it.   I was happy and relieved to know many high schools put it up.  They should.  It teaches accountability, and wouldn’t that be nice to hear more about???

Ok, this is an unforgivable segue, but a quick word on bead store people and, while we’re complainin’, fabric store people.  What Is Your Problem?  I am sorry I don’t take care of my  beaded jewelry better and then have to hire you to re-string something (Did you catch the word “hire?’ ‘Cuz that means you’re making money off me, sister.)  I am sorry I don’t understand that some fabric is stretchy and therefore not for the lay-seamstress.   I know you’ve been waiting for some yahoo like me to come in and ask these dumb questions (and they are dumb, I know).  But really.  If you want to snicker and guilt me out, keep your skills for secret societies and don’t go retail.

Enough said.