Blue Water Does Not Equal Gold Medal


We were up in Lake Tahoe this past weekend as my girls had a softball tournament.  I’ve never been a Tahoe person; we were not a Tahoe family, except when I was hauled up there by my brothers and their friends as the babysitter.  I never left the cabin, as I recall.  I do remember checking the house for serial killers, telling my nieces and nephews to go to bed, and then reading the TV Guide until I heard the key in the door.

Girls played really well, then lost the championship game in an error-infested, poorly-umped fiasco.  Tears all around.  It didn’t help that the other team had a surly, rude coach – to his own team – and they had a reputation for playing dirty.  Needless to say, there was shouting.  By me.  In my defense that ump cost us four runs.

I should show you a picture of the lake.  It is stunning, blue/green, cool and pebbly on tired feet, a serene chunk of nature’s eye candy.  Instead here are a few photos of my players (dust included):

The son-and-heir managed to get a nasty sunburn.  Let me just say if he went to Scotland they would never let him out, so white is his skin.  I would publish a photo of him but you would need sunglasses to view it.  The fascinating thing is that the burn has rendered him incapable of many things.  Among them:

a) clearing dinner plates; b) changing out of swim trunks; c) forming coherent sentences; d) picking up towels from bathroom floor.   And (a medical miracle) the burn makes his braces feel tighter, too.

Miraculously, he’s all right with: a) playing MLB: The Show; b) having buckets of cereal; c) swinging the bat inside the house; and, d) ordering pizza.

I didn’t have much time for reading, other than Sunset Magazine (only the travel parts, sometimes the food section, rarely the gardening stuff, as it might as well be written in Mandarin, due to my grossly brown thumb).  I’m still working on My New American Life, by Francine Prose.  Did she have any other choice but to be an author?  I love her spare language and her prematurely cynical heroine, so far.  A young Albanian woman has achieved a better life for herself in New Jersey…until a few frightening relatives show up from the old country.  Surprise visits are never a good thing, are they?