Cherish Is The Word

Always & Forever, the Heatwaves hit from about a century ago, came on the radio the other day, and as I sang it out loud in the car – much to my daughter’s delight, I had a flashback of my prom (senior, didn’t go to the junior), the fact that I’d cut my hair myself the night before, my date Frank, and the Gunny Sax dress I wore.  The triple crown.  I wasn’t cool enough to be invited to hotel parties, but Frank did have a champagne set-up in the trunk of the primer-painted Chevy and I’m pretty sure we made out on a beach before I fell asleep.  You heard right: I fell asleep.  I didn’t submit those last details to Yvette, sitting there with her new haircut and blue highlights, but I admit it to you.

Speaking of flashbacks, Allison Pearson’s book, I Think I Love You, is a romp through a British 13-year-old’s crush on David Cassidy, something I understand, as that was me, transplanted here.  Tiger Beat magazine recognized my heart’s deepest desire.  My best friend, Nicole, also wanted to love him forever, so we had to add into the mix that other heartthrob (although decidedly second-rate), Bobby Sherman.  Nicole also had a pool at her house and in between pretending we were mermaids, we were the girlfriends of these superstars despite the fact they wore jumpsuits during concerts and had better hair than us.  Way, way better.  We were goons.  Anyway, the book is fun, but also serious about the nature of a teen crush.  Her 1970’s details are so accurate they’re painful: teen idol magazines, fashion, hands-off parenting, and concerts before cell phones.  As with her other book, I Don’t Know How She Does It, a lot of zany things happen, which then get immediately flipped to being somber, life-lesson things.  That’s tough to pull off, but Pearson does it well.  For the record I don’t think Sarah Jessica Parker should play the lead role in the film adaptation, but I also feel pretty strongly I should be thinking of more important matters.

Did not cut their own hair


~ by alicetownsend on August 26, 2011.

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